A new study from Electric has found EDM, among other genres, can promote productivity in the workplace and could contribute to a promotion or a raise.

The survey asked over 1,000 workers about what they listen to on-the-job in order to remain productive.

And while the top genres were Lo-fi, Pop, K-Pop, and Rock, EDM rounded out the top five on playlists that promote productivity and focus.

Top EDM artists fans turn to for productivity boost include deadmau5, Daft Punk, and Emancipator.

Even more impressive, the data found that on average, “16% of workers who listen to EDM while on the job got a promotion and raise in the last year.”

But EDM can be controversial as a productive genre with 29% finding it productive versus 30% finding it distracting. This could be due to the wide variety of subgenres under EDM from fist-pumping Martin Garrix anthems to deep and melodic Lane 8.

Instrumental and classical music were found to be the top genres for productivity, according to tech workers with tech workers who listen to R&B while working having the highest average annual incomes.

But no matter what genre someone listens to, 80% of respondents reported they believe music enhances their productivity on the job.

Check out some statistics on music genre and salary below and read the full Electric study on music and productivity here.

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